Welcome to the Illinois Conference of Churches


Who We Are

The Illinois Conference of Churches (ICC) is a statewide ecumenical (unifying) organization with 27 member judicatories of 13 denominations representing Protestant, Anglican, Catholic, and Orthodox Christian traditions. We come together to discover ways to celebrate and make visible our sacred bond in Christ. We provide an opportunity for churches in Illinois to reach common goals as we bear witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ. POWER_SHOT_271


Our Common Bond

Members of the Illinois Conference of Churches uphold the Mission Statement and proclaim our common faith in Jesus Christ. In word and deed, we give expression to Ephesians 4:5 – there is “…one Lord, one faith, one baptism…” – as we unite in cooperative ministries.


Our Mission

We seek to be an inclusive community of churches that celebrates and makes visible our sacred bonds of unity in Christ. We will do this by:

  • Promoting an honest sharing and understanding of both our common and divergent theological convictions; and
  • Making public, prophetic witness to Christ’s love for all people, particularly by addressing poverty and racism.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Illinois Conference of Churches is to:

  • enable member judicatories to respond fully to Jesus Christ’s prayer for unity and to respond to His call for mission;
  • provide opportunities to discover God’s will for our day by searching the scriptures in Christian gatherings and sharing insights into the needs of contemporary society;
  • apply these discoveries more effectively to society, its structures, and institutions;
  • provide for joint planning and coordinated action;
  • provide for public expressions of our common faith;
  • develop cooperation with non-Christian religious bodies, secular agencies, and movements with whom the member churches share common social purposes;
  • encourage local ecumenism; and
  • maintain a mutually helpful relationship with ecumenical agencies – throughout the region, nation, and world.